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Supply Chain

Demand Forecasting & Supply Chain Optimization

We understand your challenges

We identify where you are in business cycle and how did your business like yours tend to perform at this point and in future. We use all of the information as an input into models to give you best predictability.

Additionally we understand global currency fluctuations and macro events. Models even factor into how your biz would react to scenarios like COVID-19 or how it shaped the demand with high inflation, employment, money supply etc


Intermittent demand
customer concentration
Seasonal demand
NPI – ramp up time / old product going out
Big deals
E&0 can hurt your books
Lead Time
You sell both hw and sw
Inflation changing customer expectations

Why TINO IQ Supply Chain

TINO IQ’s algorithms have a pulse on customer and economic conditions “expected” for future. Check our “Results” page to see how algorithms have successfully managed to predict at 80% or higher accuracy – We don’t give excuses of COVID-19, war, chip constraint or material shortage.

TINO IQ’s forecast is based on:


Human Intelligence (Supply chain domain expertise)

Financial IQ (Economics)

Algorithms ( Causal, Cognitive, AI/ML, Quantum )

Engagement Model


Bottom line: With TINO IQ, you pay only if you get 80% or higher accuracy

No result = No fees

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Among our team of experts are individuals who have worked at Amazon, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Cargosmart, Maersk, HP, Apple, Juniper, Sony, Intel, Dell and more.



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