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Victor Ricciardi ( Victor Ricciardi is Finance Professor and editor of the book Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing )

Understanding your individual biases will help you improve your trading decisions, reduce mental mistakes, and this will result in higher investment returns and profits

John Holdsworth ( Economist - Univ of San Francisco )

The TINO IQ app quickly and consistently provides high probability winning investments for any type of market conditions. With it's user friendly interface, It gives wealth producing ideas in just a few minutes.

Rich Waterman ( Mayor Campbell California )

Wonderful application !!! It would be great if you guys can start managing my stock portfolio

Alice Chen ( Conservative Investor )

Very good TINO, had good Oil trade as per target

Deena Sanjeevi ( Day Trader , California )

TINO's predictions has made me realize that its after all not a bad idea to get into Stock Trading when someone is predicting the value of the Stocks in such a precise manner. The Predictions were precise and I made a 6% Profit in just two days.

Rama Krishna Reddy ( Swing Trader )

Got in at 30.24 and out at 31.36. Perfect

Zach Rogers ( Proprietary Equities Trader, New York )

One word - "Genius"

Raj Saxena ( Former VP - JP Morgan and Bank of America )

Brilliant real time investment intelligence at it's finest. Stock recommendation ETN, delivers 50% in less than 24 hours on in the money, 1 week options trade. On Oct 30, For 1 day trade: NFLX in @ 2.57 and out 4.10 FOSL in @0.7 and out 1.4

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