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1.  Does TINO IQ find buy / sell recommendations for “all stocks” everyday ?

TINO IQ’s algorithms scan all stocks every day. If an algorithm finds a pattern, then TINO IQ’s quality module verifies the effectiveness of this pattern as suggested by the algorithm. Once the effectiveness of the pattern is validated, the stock is made available on the TINO IQ app.  Generally less than 1% of all stocks pass through this rigorous test on a daily basis.

2. Do you analyze penny stocks ?

TINO IQ’s database currently has only Blue Chip stocks with a good trading volume. This enables our clients to trade-into/out of the trades easily. We can add some penny stocks with good volume.

3. How do I know what TINO IQ is saying is correct ?

Very few stocks pass through our strict quality checks, and we are not like many companies who claim success if 1 out of 100 predictions work. For us every prediction should work. We openly provide all metrics to the user, where they can see what happened in the last 20 years when Algorithm X gave a buy/sell signal for Symbol Y.

4. Why don’t you trade it yourself ?

Yes, we can and we do – However it’s not possible for us to trade in all the market’s / stocks every day.  Essentially we have the same level of access as Gold plan members.

5. How are you better than other companies ?

We don’t predict too many stocks, and our proprietary algorithms capture trading patterns from multiple angles. This enables us to find small and actionable trading opportunities. We have spent many years building algorithms which track patterns where people are trying to artificial manipulate a stock. All these algorithms help our clients to make a rational decision when pressing that buy/short button. We would have to fill up a page telling about more features.   Please take a look around our site and see for yourself.

6. I like the BUY recommendation, however the next day stock already gaps up

Market’s move every day, so getting a good entry/exit point is vital. If the stock has gap up then you should wait till the price of the stock is at or below the suggested price. If you don’t get this price in 1 or 2 days, it’s better to skip this trade and look for other stocks.

7. Which stocks do you Analyze ?

We currently analyze all stocks of Dow 30, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Index. Additionally we have some ETFs from Vanguard, Proshares and IShares. We will be adding more stocks/ETFs regularly to TINO IQ.

8. Can a stock be in both the buy and sell list ?

Yes. This means that stock is expected to be volatile in the next few weeks and would trade both up/down.  In our research, we have found placing limit orders helps to get a stock at the best price.

9. What do you mean by 1 week expected return ?

Let’s say the prediction is for a stock to gain 2% on 10/1/2015 when the stock is currently trading at $100. This means the stock is expected to touch $102 within the next 5 days. We strongly recommend you immediately take profits when it reaches $102,  as stocks can come back to $100 or go even down. Similarly a stock can go up to $105 or $110. We believe in taking consistent, predictable profits as compared to hitting the jackpot one day and losing it the other day.

10. How do I understand probability numbers ?

You toss a coin and want a head to come. The probability of that happening is 1 in 2 outcomes. Hence probability is 50%.  For predicting TINO IQ’s result we calculate all the possible outcomes and present this number to you as probability.

11. Can I do option trading based on TINO IQ’s recommendations ?

Many of our customers are using TINO to trade options.  However people are trading options at their own risk.  We believe options trading needs to consider factors like time decay, implied volatility and more in a different way than stock trading. We are working on a module specifically catering to option trading recommendations, targeted to release  in ( Let’s keep that secret  🙂 )

12. I bought AAPL yesterday and sold it yesterday at a predicted price ? There are still 4 more days to go. Can I repeat the trade ?

No. The algorithms look at patterns each day and then compute the probability of a stock going to the expected price within the next 5 days. Once the target price has been reached the algorithm has already done its work. If you are trying to repeat the trade, you are trying your luck.

13. Which is your best algorithm ?

Every stock has its own characteristic response to market forces. A stock’s character changes depending on people trading the stock or events happening in that company. Each algorithm captures this character in a different way. Think of algorithms as tools which can help you find the pattern on a stock today

14. The prediction accuracy chart shows 70% accuracy for past the few years, however stock is having 99% accuracy today ?

We treat our predictions very strictly, even if the stock misses its prediction by 1 cent during the prediction period, we consider it a failure. We think it is better to be conservative – hence we follow this strict approach. The probability number today is not an average of the past predictions. It is a number generated by an algorithm today based on today’s market conditions. The Quantum Analytics chart is very useful in understanding how the algorithm has been successful in predicting the stock in the past Think about it — how many companies show you predictions they have made in the past and what happened to those predictions?  Remember, Dot-com boom, housing bust etc. Companies just give reason to say why their predictions were not right. By the time they give predictions, it’s too late – people have already lost money. This is why we are being honest and transparent about every single prediction we make.

15. What’s the practical use of the Hedging options screen ?

While analyzing a stock you might come across, “I want more of these kinds of stocks”. This is where correlation comes into picture. With the correlation screen you can find stocks which have similar trading patterns.

16. I see correlation for 12 months, however not for 6 months, how is that possible ?

Let’s take an example: Stocks X and Y had a 98% correlation from Jan-Jun, however, had only a 84% correlation from July-Aug. TINO currently shows correlation of over 90%, hence you would not see the correlation for 6 months.

17. You started algorithms in 2006 and building app in 2015 ?

Yes.  In the initial years, we did not get any good results. Actually after working on it for nearly 7 years, we thought of giving up. However in early 2015 we started getting some good output and then started building an app. We are fully dedicated to building better algorithms and will continue to build new and improved existing algorithms

18. When can I see the prediction for the next day ?

Around 8:00 pm PST we post the predictions for the next day. If there are any data issues, then we try to get the prediction engines working before 6:30 am PST. You do not have to open and close or login/logout to see the new predictions. The predictions will appear automatically

19. Do I have to invest large amounts to make gains ?

Trading of anything is a risk – Think about trading as a game where money is just exchanged from one hand to another – So for you to win someone is losing.  At TINO IQ our philosophy is to have repeated,  good small trades rather than one large trade.  Putting a lot of money on one trade is risky, hence please look and understand the quantum analysis chart “before” making any trade. As you become more comfortable using TINO IQ algorithms, you will understand which algorithm to choose and where to put the bet. Please see http://trustedfinancialadvisor.org/live_portfolio.html to see how we are ahead of literally every hedge fund out there.

20. Do you have stop loss ?

Yes and No. We have it for a few algorithms and are working towards making it available for other algorithms.

21. What are the odds of success with TINO IQ and how do you keep track of your success rate?

Each week we issue a report to members showing the success rate of all trades. Conservatively, the odds of success are three in four for the predictions.

22. How does a TINO coin work ?

Below is a picture showing how you can earn and redeem TINO coins. All gold members can submit a request to redeem TINO coins and it will be processed within 2 business days

23. Do you have all the data for stocks in the app ?

We aim to put only “actionable” information in the app.  General information does not have a place in the app. For any “general” information we provide links to various websites where people can see that information.

24. How do we interpret artificial manipulation messages ?

This indicates that algorithms have detected irrational price movements in the stock. These are generally associated with pump and dump patterns normally observed in the market. A stock with this message can continue to “irrationally” move up or down. This is why please refer to price targets to take small profits along the way and adhere to the stop loss targets.

25. Does TINO IQ provide any tools for day trading ?

Even though our predictions time-range is for 5 to 10 days, historically many predictions have been successful in a day itself.

Additionally, in the app, you can see what popular indicators (RSI, MFI, stochastic etc.) are telling about the stock and how good these indicators have been in predicting stock movements correctly.

On the website: https://www.trustedfinancialadvisor.org There are lot of tools for find good day-trading stocks:

Scan stocks using AI for candlesticks and find stocks which are being recommended most

Find which insiders are buying or selling your stocks

Full Probability simulation of expected price for your stocks for next 10 days

26. I don’t see any predictions today ?

You may be having the basic(free) plan which shows only low probability predictions. You can check your plan by going to TrustedFinancialAdvisor.org and checking the plan

27.In your live portfolio, are trades filled at exactly the price where the signal was issued?

The live portfolio is strictly based on getting exact buy/sell as shown in the app