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Custom Trading System

Custom Trading System

Want to play the stock markets but don’t have the time to monitor, formulate and execute your investment strategies? Does constantly having to keep an eye on your stocks stress you out?

Worry no more.

TINO IQ is your one-stop solution for all these problems.

We understand that stocks are tough to manage and it’s really a daunting task that requires time, money and skill. And it is really difficult for one person to be able to do everything.

Hence, at TINO IQ, we support you.

Our expert financial developers work hard to design automated trading systems for you that monitor the market every second of the day, 365 days a year – so that you don’t have to. Suppose, you want to buy AAPL, however only when Moving average is over 160, and RSI is less than 18, and insiders are buying and S&P500 has been stabilizing – however, complex your strategy can be, we can support it so that you don’t have to keep looking at market every now and then – Rather you get actionable signal when your own trading system picks up the signal. We, at TINO IQ, realize that your time is valuable, which is why we can provide you with a customized system wherein you’ll be notified by SMS/e-mail.

The customized trading systems we design for you can analyze market trends and data and update you about developments in your stocks in real time.

You save time.