TINO IQ Forecasting with over 80% accuracy every quarter since 2016


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What's special about

Real predictions since 2015 – not just simulations

We don’t give you 100 predictions and claim success if 10 of them work. For us, every single prediction should work – period.

No conflict of interest with any big guys

Daily ideas before the market opens. Analysis of Equities, Commodities, Currencies, ETF’s – Big Data Financial Analytics

Predicting artificially manipulated stocks

Finding stocks which are showing patterns of potential Pump & Dump, We try to proactively save you from these traps

3 out 4 predictions correct – If anyone else can do it – Go to them

Team keeps on researching to improve the accuracy of current algorithms and build new algorithms. Innovations happen everyday

Quantum Algorithms

If you can make money using technical or fundamental analysis – Good Luck. We have build algorithms based on quantum concepts


You can find an algo which works one day, however makes you loses money next day. At TINO IQ we have 7 years of actuals predi.

What our clients say

Wonderful application !!! It would be great if you guys can start managing my stock portfolio

Rich Waterman ( Mayor Campbell California )

Got in at 30.24 and out at 31.36. Perfect

Rama Krishna Reddy ( Swing Trader )

One word - "Genius"

Zach Rogers ( Proprietary Equities Trader, New York )

Brilliant real time investment intelligence at it's finest. Stock recommendation ETN, delivers 50% in less than 24 hours on in the money, 1 week options trade. On Oct 30, For 1 day trade: NFLX in @ 2.57 and out 4.10 FOSL in @0.7 and out 1.4

Raj Saxena ( Former VP - JP Morgan and Bank of America )

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