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AFRM downgraded to $12.40

The hypothesis more customers would lead to more profit does not rhyme well with Affirm. They have increased revenue, however that has also increased net loss In 2023, 2024 we believe there would be more customer bankcrupcy and higher funding rates would prevail our view is company would face signficant profit cruch

U upgraded at $57.35

Unity stock has been volatile, however we believe it holds an exceptional value. Based on it’s financials and generative AI features they have added, we believe stock would trade north of $50. Our price target is $57.35


08/26 Stock has been pushed down from $96 to $ 7 in two years. Company now has FDA approval, Going full fledged into Medical AI and also working with US Government (TSA). We believe there is lot of negativity created around stock to buy shares at these throwaway prices. 08/17 After earnings report today, we […]

Upgraded 23andME to $2.28

From our team of financial analysts regarding the future prospects of 23andME stock. Following a comprehensive evaluation of market trends, company developments, and industry dynamics, we are pleased to announce an upgrade in our outlook for ME stock. Our near term price target is $2.28

GDP all set to cool down

GDP has been growing quite rapidly over past few years Our models indicate GDP is set to cool down in next 2 quarters


From $20 to $0.60 in a month Our algorithms detect price being artificially manipulated to be pushed down. We believe it should rise up to aleast $4.08

NPS for Optimizing Supply Chain: A Game-Changer in Customer Satisfaction

Introduction In today’s hypercompetitive business landscape, companies are continuously seeking ways to optimize their supply chain operations and gain a competitive edge. One crucial aspect that organizations often overlook is the role of customer satisfaction in the supply chain. Understanding and leveraging Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be a game-changer in optimizing the supply chain […]